Bucs Players Showing They Don’t Need Schiano to Hold Them Accountable

This morning I joined Eric Lopez on Sports Talk 1040 and 1080 to talk about Bucs Training Camp. The team has the day off today, so I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on some things, and get some much-needed work done.

One thing I’ve noticed this year is that coach Greg Schiano really doesn’t need to hold his players accountable — they’re doing it themselves. Last year, Schiano had to essentially gut the place and create a new culture. Some players may have resisted at first.

Now that they’ve experienced some level of success, the guys have ‘bought in.’ A number of players have come to camp in better shape than every before. Schiano doesn’t need to come down as hard on them anymore because they’re coming down hard on themselves.

Eric and I talked about the Bucs running back situation, how many backs this team could keep, and where Brian Leonard and Peyton Hills seem to fall into the mix. We also discussed Doug Martin’s rise to fame last season and how I don’t believe it’s changed him.

You can listen to it all right here: