Bucs’ McCoy: Once Questions Are Solved, Defense Will Be Scary

(On how he’s adjusting to the defense)

“I love it, it’s just up the field penetrating front, cover two coverage and it really just depends on the defensive line to take care of the pass game. They always tell us if you’re not rushing, you’re stealing. We’ve got to get to the quarterback and it makes it easier on everybody else.”

(On being a top 10 defense)

“Yeah just with all of the pieces, we just have to have everybody get the scheme down to where it’s second nature. It’s a great defense to play in and once everybody figures it out and have the ins and outs of it, it’s going to be scary. We don’t even have [safeties] Mark Barron or Dashon Goldson going with us right now, you add those two and it’s like ‘sheesh.’”

(On if anybody has stood out to him)

“No, everybody’s practicing hard, I don’t want to single one guy out because everybody’s working, everybody’s coming out day in day out, putting in the work I’m just really excited about everybody. Reality is we can’t keep everybody on the defensive line, but definitely whoever is not here by the end of camp, they’ll get picked up somewhere because of how hard they’re working.”

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media