Bucs’ Mark Barron Reveals He Had Surgery on His Knee in January

Tampa Bay Buccaneers strong safety Mark Barron had a few things to clarify after Sunday’s practice, the team’s first one in pads since training camp began. Numerous reports stated that he missed minicamp due to a hamstring injury.

“It wasn’t my hamstring. It was my knee,” Barron said. “It feels pretty good. I’ve got to get my burst back. I’m not all the way there yet but I’m working on it.”

Barron told reporters after practice that he underwent arthroscopic surgery in his right knee in January after playing much of the season with a cartilage injury.

“It was just a knee scope, nothing major,” Barron said, noting that he bumped knees with wide receiver Steve Smith during the first game game against the Panthers last year and played through it until the end of the season.

He wasted no time in his return back to action though, intercepting quarterback Josh McCown on a pass intended for Chris Owusu during 11-on-11s Saturday.

“It felt good. I’m just back out here trying to get into the groove of things. I’ve been out for a while. Pretty much just rehabbing so it felt good.”

Barron’s rehab during the offseason meant less time playing in Lovie Smith’s Tampa-2 defense, which primarily features two deep safeties, although Barron was quick to point out that it’s not all they’re doing.,

“It’s not really just a two-deep safety. We do everything, We played some two last year. We didn’t do a whole lot of it but we did [some] so that’s not all we’re doing out here, just playing two, we do a lot of different things so it’s not really that much of a transition, I feel.”