Bucs’ Gerald McCoy: All People Want is Hope, We Want to be Able to Give Them That

After Thursday’s practice, Tampa Bay Buccaneers All-Pro defensive tackle Gerald McCoy spoke to the media about a number of topics, ranging from participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, trying to meet the expectations of fans and improving on the team’s first preseason outing.

He talked about O.J. Brigance, Baltimore Ravens senior adviser and a sufferer of ALS, and what he’s meant to the league and players like him.

“You just see his strength, and people who don’t really know the history, they kind of really don’t know, just kind of like, ‘Oh a guy with ALS.’ But it’s bigger than that,” said McCoy, just after he had accepted his challenge.

“One of the biggest plays in NFL history the guy made, and then to be diagnosed…but you just see his strength. One thing you can always take from his is that he’s always smiling. He never seems like he’s not happy. He just takes it all in stride and makes the best out of everything.”

He talked about why this challenge took on a whole new meaning for him when a friend was recently diagnosed with the disease. He also talked about the preseason loss last week to Jacksonville, and how fans might be jumping to conclusions rather quickly about the team after seeing just one preseason game. He said he understands though and that it comes with the expectations fans have for their team.

“All people want is hope. We don’t have to win the Super Bowl on Saturday, but people just want hope. We want to be able to give them that.”