Bucs’ CB DJ Moore Compares Vincent Jackson to Steve Smith

‘He’s a Tall Guy Who Runs Small-Guy Routes’


When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed cornerback D.J. Moore as a free agent this offseason, they knew they were getting a pretty unique perspective. Moore spent four seasons playing for Lovie Smith in Chicago, three of them serving in the nickel back role.

Heading into next month’s training camp, Moore is the front-runner to land the nickel back job, primarily because of experience playing in that system. Moore knows though, that just because he and Smith have a strong relationship, doesn’t mean he can let up.

“He still wants you to be accountable. Out on the field, you’ve got to make plays. If you’re not making plays, even if he knows you, somebody else is going to be out there.”

He also talked about facing Vincent Jackson in practice and actually compared it to lining up against Steve Smith. “He’s a tall guy that runs small-guy routes, ya know?”

“He gets up out of routes real well and he doesn’t just line up at the bottom of the numbers and run the bang-8. He  kind of gives you a little extra. I had the pleasure of covering Steve Smith last year at camp and stuff like that. The older guys kind of make it a little harder for you to read the releases and stuff like that, so he’s real good.”