Bucs-Bills Post-Game Quotes

Greg Schiano Doug Marrone

Here’s what players and coaches had to say after the Bucs’ 27-6 win over the Bills yesterday…

“We took the study serious. We executed the game plan. Everybody was on the same page. When you play a game like this, I don’t think we had any mental errors today. Everybody was flying to the football. Everybody was ready, hyped to play…it was a great accomplishment. Especially in this game, in the NFL, you play against great football teams. Buffalo, you can’t take [anything] away from them. They’re a great football team. When we perform like that on defense, it shows a lot.”

– Bucs linebacker Lavonte David

“I was really proud of our team, after coming off what was a really tough loss for us at Carolina. It was a hard one to get out of your craw. The reason [is] because we had opportunities and we kind of didn’t do the things that we thought we were capable of doing. This week, in practice, we challenged each other, coaches and players alike, to really make sure that we had the details. One of the things that, for the first time, a week ago, we didn’t do was out-physical the other team when we tackled them. Today, that changed. I thought it may have been our best tackling game of the season. The guys came ready to really get after them. To take it away as many times as we did, on special teams and on defense, four times on defense, and then the sacks, to get after the quarterback, a mobile guy like him – that was important.”

– Bucs head coach Greg Schiano

“I don’t think I’ve probably been in a defensive game like this where we made so many…we made five turnovers. It was tremendous today. Guys were playing lights out and their hearts out. I think it’s just the result of the disappointment that we had last week as a defense. We really felt last week that we were ready and prepared for Carolina but it didn’t go our way. We really wanted to start fast today and guys came out today fast with a bunch of three-and-outs and we just kept it rolling.”
-Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis

“It’s huge. Last week was embarrassing. This game is really what the Bucs are about. Our offense struggled a little bit, but we played great as a team.”

– Bucs cornerback Johnthan Banks

“[We’re] just trying to finish the season strong. We’ve got a great team and it hasn’t really shown. Now is the time to finish out the season out strong, show people what we can really do. We slipped up here and there throughout the year but I feel like we’ve got the team to make things happen and we can show that. I felt like we have showed that the last couple weeks. Just keep playing hard.”

-Bucs linebacker Mason Foster

“He’s battled through being hurt, coming out here playing his butt off.  You can’t ask for more from a guy who is out there playing hurt and had the type of game he had. One thing you guys probably don’t know is he gives great blocks downfield in the run game. That really helps us sprout runs. He’s having a Pro Bowl season and he’s kind of getting over shadowed but [Vincent Jackson] is playing his butt off this year.”

-Bucs offensive tackle Donald Penn

“I find it very difficult after that game to stand up here and defend a lot of things. I thought we played poorly. I shouldn’t say ‘I thought,’ I know we played poorly in all three phases. We had penalties, we had turnovers, we had misreads, we had missed tackles. We had things go wrong for us that there have been times during the year where we’ve been making improvements on it and probably out of any point during the season, it hit all at once in this game.”

-Bills head coach Doug Marrone

“A disappointing day in my performance. It starts with me, especially on offense. I’m the quarterback. I’m the leader. These guys feed off of me and I was supposed to facilitating the ball to these guys. I didn’t do a good job today – plain and simple. Got to get better – plain and simple. We’ve got to win games. I’ve got to get better as a quarterback. It’s my responsibility to do that and I have to go hard at everything during the week and just prepare even better.”

-Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel

“We tried to make a push, but it came down to too many critical errors. In certain situations, when we started moving, something ended up happening. That’s how it played out. You can’t really sit back and complain and pout about it, you got to try and fix it next week. It’s been too many times, but we still got to go back and practice and finish out these next three [games] strong.”

-Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson

“No. I thought we came into the game – first day of practice didn’t come off well. We picked it up and I thought from them on we had a good week of preparation, had a good game-plan going into it. We knew exactly what they were doing. They didn’t come out there and do anything that surprised us today. I hope that [the loss] didn’t linger on, because if that’s the case then this loss will linger on [and] it would show next week. Your profession in this league, win or loss, you have to move on from the game. I said it earlier in the week that’s what you got to do. That’s what being a pro is all about. Win or lose, you have to put that game behind you and focus on the next opponent because if you don’t then stuff like this happens.”

-Bills running back C.J. Spiller