Bucs’ Adrian Clayborn on Last Year’s Defense: What Pass Rush?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn talks about all of the changes the Bucs defensive line underwent in the last year and how the unit has gone from “stunting and confusing people” to actually “getting to the quarterback.”

He was asked to rank last year’s pass rush for comparison. His response? “What rush?”

“We [weren’t] gelled together, we [weren’t] working together. A lot of stuff went on but I expect better this year.”

He talks about how Gerald McCoy has exploded because the “leash has been taken off of him.” The same can be said for the group, which now has the freedom to call its own defensive line stunts.

He said it’s imperative that the defense gets back to setting the tone in games.

“I think it’s important. We just want to get back to playing the way they used to play by getting takeaways and controlling the game. I think that’s the way it should be played anyway.”

Clayborn also talks about his move to the left defensive end spot, the adjustments he’s had to make and how the unit is gelling together.