Broncos’ Manning Told Moreno Not To Score

Denver_Peyton_Manning_2013Peyton Manning said after the game that he told Knowshon Moreno that he needed to get inside the 1-yard line for a first down — but not cross the goal line — so that the Broncos could run the a minute and 30 seconds off the game clock and then kick a field goal as time expired.

Manning didn’t want the Broncos to score a touchdown and have to kick the ball back to the Cowboys, who would then have time to score a touchdown of their own and send the game into overtime.

Moreno did exactly what he was supposed to do, getting the first down but not the touchdown, and the Broncos could do nothing but watch as Manning then took a knee three times to set up the winning field goal.

Source: Michael David Smith, NBC Sports, Pro Football Talk