Bridgewater Never Wanted to Be in Cleveland

Teddy Bridgewater Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater is the new Vikings quarterback, but before he was drafted by Minnesota, reports said that he was linked to the Cleveland Browns.

Bridgewater was on the Dan Patrick Show and he said that he’s extremely excited to be on the Vikings squad. In fact, he’s glad he’s not in Cleveland.

“I actually told my agent that that’s not the place where I wanted to be. Throughout this entire process, I felt comfortable with the Minnesota Vikings. From every visit I had with the team, it was a family environment, the players are great guys, a great group of guys, so I felt comfortable wanting to play here.”

It’s clear that he’s happy where he landed but multiple reports leave us with questions. One report claims that the Browns wanted Bridgewater and then changed their pick to Johnny Manziel at the last second. Another report says that the Browns spent thousands of dollars on a quarterback study that concluded that Bridgewater was the best in the 2014 draft class. According to those reports, all roads in Cleveland, pointed to Teddy Bridgewater.

I guess it doesn’t matter. The Browns have Manziel and the Vikings have Bridgewater. That’s that.

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