Best NFL Bets Of The Year

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas or just toying around on the internet? If you want to know a potentially safe way to invest your sports money we have it for you with the very best NFL over/under bets of the 2013 season.

We’ve gone through the NFL and looked at every team’s over/under total and told you whether you should bet or stay away. It’s now time to give you our five best bets for this NFL season.

Baltimore Ravens- Over/Under- 8.5 Wins

The Baltimore Ravens are probably being disrespected more than any defending Super Bowl champion in recent history. Not only do the Ravens have to go on the road in the season opener, but their over/under line is just 8.5 victories. We know the AFC North is very competitive but I challenge anyone to find me a better team in that division. Sure, Baltimore lost future Hall of Famers Ray Lewis and Ed Reed but those guys didn’t play at a Canton-like level a season ago. Joe Flacco should take his game to the level it was in the playoffs and Baltimore will win more than 9 games.

Oakland Raiders- Over/Under- 5.5 Wins

One of the only sure things in the NFL over the past decade has been Oakland Raider futility. They “upgraded” the quarterback position with a player who has a grand total of two starts in Matt Flynn and everything else looks just as uncertain as any other Oakland Raider team. It seems highly unlikely that these guys can win 6 games so the under seems like a very solid wager.

Indianapolis Colts- Over/Under- 8.5 Wins

The Colts may be a better team than they were a season ago, but it still might not reflect that in the win-loss total. Andrew Luck should be better with an offseason of NFL experience and they have the benefit of having the Jaguars and Titans in the division (potentially four easy wins). If the Colts can split with Houston they are more than halfway to the desired over total. The Colts should win 9 or more games this season.

New York Giants- Over/Under- 9 Wins

The New York Giants are flying very low under the radar after having a solid draft yet again. Add in the probable returns of wideouts Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz and this offense should be explosive again. They may have lost Osi Umenyiora but still have one of the game’s best pass rushers in Jason Pierre-Paul. If you bet the over the worst you should do is a push.

Detroit Lions- Over/Under- 8 Wins

The Detroit Lions seem like the worst team in the division and they failed to make their offensive line and secondary better. The addition of Reggie Bush is nice, but they will still have issues in short yardage. The team is still looking for a second option at wide receiver for Matt Stafford, who regressed in 2012. Even with a last-place schedule the Lions will struggle to avoid double-digit losses.

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