Bengals Burfict Fine $21,000 For Hit

Burfict_Bengals_2013One of the reasons that linebacker Vontaze Burfict fell out of the 2012 draft and wound up signing with the Bengals as an undrafted free agent was because he couldn’t stop picking up personal fouls at Arizona State.

Burfict picked up his fifth personal foul of the season against the Jets on Sunday when he hit wide receiver Stephen Hill with the crown of his helmet.

Burfict has been fined $21,000 for the hit, marking the third time he’s been fined this season.

The previous two came from actions during the team’s September victory over the Packers and his grand total for the season is now a healthy $52,000.

It’s a path that could lead to suspension at some point for Burfict, which would be a real blow to the Bengals defense because, as mentioned up top, everything else about Burfict’s play has been very strong.

Source: Josh Alper, NBC Sports, Pro Football Talk