NFL: Top 5 Biggest Bandwagon Fans

There is truly nothing more agitating than bandwagon NFL fans. One minute they’re shouting, running through the streets claiming that they “bleed” their teams colors; the next they’re as quiet as church mice.

Every team has thousands of loyal fans that are unfortunately subjected to the clowns and fakes who happen to be wearing the same team colors. For those die hard fans, you know who you are and your fandom is appreciated.

For those ever so quick to hop on the bandwagon express, (and you know who you are with your brand new team jerseys and obnoxious face paint)….pay close attention.

5) New England Patriots

new england patriots fan

When you’ve got arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time as the leader of your time, it’s pretty easy to hop on the bandwagon.

Disclaimer: For bandwagoners who don’t know, your quarterback is Tom Brady.

4) Indianapolis Colts

colts fans

After the loss of Peyton Manning, the Colts brought young,Stanford bred,first round draft pick, Andrew Luck and that’s exactly what the Colts have been ever since: lucky. The Colts survived an easy division and got lucky to draw the forever choke-able Kansas City Chiefs led by the choke artist himself, head coach Andy Reid.

3) San Francisco 49ers

niners fans

For fans who are more excited for their rivalries’ losses than their own wins, the 49ers sure have a lot of bandwagon fans and that’s all because of two words: Colin Kaepernick. I truly believe his “eye roll”-worthy bicep kissing ability is the sole reason for a rapid increase in female fans for the Niners.

2) Denver Broncos


With the loss of Tebow Time came the arrival of one the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and also the second greatest group of bandwagon fans. Upon the arrival of Peyton Manning, the Sports Authority Field immediately gained a couple extra thousand fans just because of the all-time great. They were on solid run too, finishing the regular season 13-3 that is until they met the Seahawks and their “12th Man.”

1) Seattle Seahawks

seahawks fans

The Seattle Seahawks are in the midst of being the next big “IT” team and what more could you expect from the reigning Super Bowl champs. They are getting bandwagoned all over of the nation by NFL floaters who jump from team to team with no regard to geographic ties or ties to the team at all for that matter. Prior to this year, most people didn’t know of Russell Wilson or of this supposed 12th man they holler about all the time. So take a bow ‘Hawks fans you are officially the bandwagon fans to envy all bandwagon fans.