Anthony Collins Recognizes the Most Important Position on the Field

Anthony Collins

Bucs’ tackle Anthony Collins recognizes that protecting the quarterback is the most important position on the field. Collins spoke to the media about it after training camp Monday.

(On the offensive line being a critical position)
“It’s critical, very critical, people consider the left tackle the dollar sign. The most important part on the field is to protect the quarterback, but it’s the whole line. It starts with both of the tackles, [extending] to the guards and the center. The center has to know everything, the guards have to be powerful and the tackles have to know how pass set. If we get all five of those categories right then we’ll be a good team.”

(On how long it takes for an offensive line to come together)
“It doesn’t take long, but the chemistry takes a while. The good thing about the offseason and training camp is that’s when the o-line needs to be together. We don’t need any holdouts, we don’t need any injuries, we don’t need any problems, all of the chemistry is what matters to get to the Super Bowl.”

(On where he sees the offensive line right now)
“I see this line as what [offensive line coach George Warhop] wants it and whoever is playing next to me and whoever is playing next to [tackle Demar Dotson] are going to get the job done and that’s all I look forward to.”

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers