Albert Haynesworth Bashes Mike Shanahan

albert_haynesworth_2013Albert Haynesworth, the former Redskins defensive tackle who signed a seven-year, $100 million contract (including $41 million guaranteed) in 2009 and played 20 games with the team before he was traded away, has some words of warning for quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Basically: Keep your eye on Mike Shanahan.

It started early in Haynesworth’s tenure in Washington. He says he was lied to about the type of defense the team would run and it had everything to do with his ineffectiveness. Then, when Shanahan arrived in 2010, things somehow got worse.

“After that year of playing and not doing anything like we did in Tennessee … then we get Shanahan in there, aka Red Lobster, as Fred Smoot says,” Haynesworth told Tennessee Sports Radio (via the Sports Bog). “He comes in and completely changes the defense to a 3-4. … I’m not doing things that I normally do — exploding and shooting the gaps and creating havoc — I’m staying on the line, going left and right. Not even going forward.”

Source: Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports