AFC East Over/Unders

The NFL Draft has been completed, most of the impact moves in free agency have been made months ago and the 2013 schedule is out. Perhaps most importantly, Las Vegas has weighed in and set the over/unders for each NFL team. We are going to take a look at each team, division-by-division and speculate on whether they will finish better or worse than their numbers show.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills- Over/Under- 6.5 Wins

Is this bettable? It is bettable. The Buffalo Bills certainly gained more speed in the offseason as they drafted wide receiver Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin, but they did little to address their problems on the defensive line. More importantly, the team will have a quarterback controversy assuming rookie E.J. Manuel doesn’t win the starting job. Even if he does, he’s a rookie version of Tavaris Jackson and will struggle with the complexities of NFL defenses. The Bills will challenge for last place in the AFC East.

Miami Dolphins- Over/Under- 7.5 Wins

Is this bettable? In a word, no. The Dolphins spent plenty of Stephen Ross’ money in the offseason but what do they have to show for it? An overpriced yet speedy wide receiver who avoids the middle of the field like it’s on fire? How about a couple of overpriced situational linebackers and a cornerback coming off an ACL injury? I expect Ryan Tannehill to progress and having four games against the Jets and Bills will help the win-loss record, but the Dolphins will be hard-pressed to be better than a .500 team.

New England Patriots- Over/Under- 11.5 Wins

Is this bettable? In a word, yes. The only real sure thing in sports is the New England Patriots winning the AFC East as long as Tom Brady is healthy and active. This year they might be able to win that division without him. Most of the Pats tougher games are in Foxboro and it’s difficult to imagine them losing five games with their schedule. Book the Pats for another 12-win campaign before the inevitable home playoff loss.

New York Jets- Over/Under- 6.5 Wins

Is this bettable? In a word, no. The Jets have one of the worst rosters in football on paper. They are the NFL’s definition of dysfunctional and lack offensive playmakers. A quarterback controversy has been brewing for 15 months and we know it’s only a matter of time before Mark Sanchez gets replaced (it may actually happen this summer). So why wouldn’t you like the Jets to lose 10 or more? Rex Ryan. He’s a better coach than he’s given credit for and he will get the most out of what remains on defense. The back end of the Jets schedule has winnable games and they will be right around that 6 or 7 victory mark….which will get Ryan fired.

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