Adrian Peterson Addresses Monday’s Game

adrian_peterson_2013Monday night was a struggle for the Vikings, who made the critical mistake of throwing new quarterback Josh Freeman into the fire too soon. They also failed to feed Adrian Peterson the ball enough — just 13 carries for 28 yards — which didn’t seem to sit well with Peterson.

Not that AP would ever actually complain, but he did note after the game that the Vikes were “out of whack” and called Monday’s disaster “tough sledding.”

“It was definitely tough sledding,” Peterson said. “We just really couldn’t get anything established up front, and that’s where everything starts. We’re just kind of out of whack. [The Giants] were bringing some stunts and a lot of movement up front. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but it kind of put us in an uncomfortable position and we just struggled with that all night.”

Anything, perhaps, more specific from Peterson when it comes to the Vikings offensive play? Why, yes, yes there was.

“One thing I’m going to stress on is being more physical as an offensive unit,” Peterson said. “Definitely be more physical. We were more physical last year. And that’s one thing that stands out this year.”

Source: Will Brinson, CBS Sports