Aaron Hernandez Indicted For Brawl, Possible Bribery Involved


According to the district attorney’s office in Massachusetts, Aaron Hernandez was indicted earlier this week due to his involvement in a prison brawl. The 24-year old is also facing charges regarding a threat made to a prison employee.

Andrew Booker, the inmate whom Hernandez allegedly assaulted in the fight, allegedly initiated a verbal confrontation with Hernandez. However, it appears as though the victim in question does not want to press charges against the former tight end.

According to ESPN, Michael P. Malone, Booker’s registered attorney, told reporters his client refuses to testify against Hernandez.

“He doesn’t want to be a rat.”

But is it really Booker’s decision to not press charges?

The former New England Patriots star, who has been in prison since June 26 for his possible involvement in the death of 27-year old Odin Lloyd, has a history of making his issues with witnesses or possible threats disappear.

According CBS News, Thaddeus Singleton III, who was a possible key witness in the case against Aaron Hernandez, was mysteriously killed in a car accident; just days from meeting with Connecticut police.

Could the ex-NFL star have bribed Andrew Booker to avoid additional charges to his already hefty list?

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