New CBA Helps 49ers, Seahawks

Seahawks_Russell_Wilson_2012San Francisco general manager Trent Baalke and Seattle general manager John Schneider weren’t the only ones to help build the 49ers and Seahawks. The collective bargaining agreement also did.

While the Ravens, Packers, Cowboys and Lions are paying premium prices for their franchise quarterbacks, the 49ers and Seahawks — thanks to the CBA — are not.

This season, in what will be the final year of the contract before it is restructured and extended, the 49ers will pay Colin Kaepernick a base salary of $741,000. The Seahawks will pay Russell Wilson a base salary of $525,000. San Francisco and Seattle will do this at a time when Denver will pay Peyton Manning a base salary of $882,352 per week, meaning Manning will make more in one week this season than either Wilson or Kaepernick will all season.

The two NFC West rivals, each of whom is a favorite to win the NFC championship, have an excess of cash and salary-cap space to upgrade their rosters in other areas because they are prohibited from giving that money to their quarterbacks.

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