Kaepernick/RG3 Enduring Similar Growing Pains

Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III aren’t the same player, and they certainly aren’t having the same season, but that is what makes them similar.

When the two quarterbacks meet on “Monday Night Football,” they will do so under less than ideal circumstances. Kaepernick is 6-4 in his second season as a starter, but has left fans wanting more with his subpar stats, and Griffin, also in his second season as a starter, is 3-7 but has come under fire more for his lack of leadership.

Mike Shanahan intimated that perhaps expectations had been too high for both the quarterback he’ll be coaching and coaching against come Monday after their breakout seasons in 2012, but that he still thinks the future is bright for these men:

Mike-Shanahan“Whoever has been in those shoes realizes that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice, it takes repetition, going against different coverages, understanding the strength and weaknesses and just becoming more comfortable in passing situations… Every year is a learning experience,” Shanahan said on Wednesday morning via a conference call with Bay Area-based reporters

Source: Andrew Pentis 49ers.com