Joe Haden Picks Off Weeden Twice In Drills

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cornerback Joe Haden was All-Berea, picking off Brandon Weeden twice in practice, once on a deep ball to Josh Gordon inside the 5 and once on a short out route to Davone Bess.

“Being a corner you know it’s hard sometimes to be able to get your hands on balls a lot,” said Haden. “I’m in practice now and my coach, he just lets me see what I can get away with, just trying to just jump routes and just playing what I see. I like the way our coaches are coaching me and letting me see what I can get away with in practice to move it along to the games.”

Haden bolted out of nowhere to snatch the ball in front of Bess.

“It was a combo between me and Buster [Skrine],” said Haden. “I took the short route, he takes the long route and Greg [Little] goes deep and Bess ended up going short. “He ran an option route so I was heavy inside and if I’m heavy inside, he’s not going to run the option route into me so as soon as he patted his feet, I knew he was going out so I just broke on it.”