Hit Song ‘Roar’ Receives Backlash From Bengals’ Fans

Bengals_Andy_Dalton_2The roars from Cincinnati Bengals fans have been heard and, as a result, Katy Perry’s latest hit song won’t be blaring anymore when the team gets introduced at Paul Brown Stadium on Sundays.

After playing Perry’s hit song “Roar” before, during and after their home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night, the Bengals told the Wall Street Journal on Friday that they wanted to tone down the playing of it after a social-media backlash.

Specifically, it was the playing of the song during the player introductions that drew the ire of some fans.

A team spokesman reiterated to ESPN.com on Saturday afternoon the organization’s wishes to reevaluate how often it will play Perry’s song during home games. The Bengals are not planning to completely nix it from the overall musical rotation, the spokesman added.

Source: ESPN.com