Great Article By Mike Florio On Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis once again dances around issue of Super Bowl XXXIV murders
When attending the Super Bowl, it’s difficult to watch much/any of the pregame coverage.

There’s a specific portion of the Super Bowl XLVII pregame coverage that was difficult to watch for other reasons.

As the network televising the game, CBS had an opportunity to conduct a one-on-one interview of Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. And the assignment predictably went to Shannon Sharpe. Not only was Sharpe a former teammate of Ray’s in Baltimore, but Sharpe also was the teammate who loudly defended Lewis in the days preceding the Super Bowl they won together, a year after Lewis was accused of double murder following Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta.

CBS knew that the network would be killed (no pun intended) if Sharpe avoided the murder case entirely. So Sharpe raised it, but he also slow-pitched a softball question on the subject.

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