Giants Eli Manning On Training Camp, Cruz, Nicks

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning spoke to the media Monday after training camp wrapped up about his receiving corps.

Q: What do you think of Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks on the practice field?
A: I think both guys have done well. Hakeem made some great snags the first day, coming out of breaks well and good speed. Victor started off right where he left off and making catches and making good decisions. He seems quick out of his breaks and full speed, so I’ve been pleased with our receivers so far and how everybody is doing. We’ve got to keep that same pace.

Q: Do you worry about Hakeem tweaking his groin during practice the other day?
A: Hakeem is being smart. He is coming off some injuries. He’s going to take it slow and do what he’s got to do to make sure when he’s out there he is full speed and is prepared for these preseason games and sat the start of the regular season coming in healthy. We have some time and it is early on and he has been limited in some practices over the spring, so we just want to make sure he goes at his pace that’s going to keep him healthy for the upcoming year.

Q: At the back of the receiver depth chart, what are some of the things that you want to see from the Jernigans and the Bardens of the worlds?
A: The biggest thing for these young guys is just learning your assignments. There’s going to be different things like learning how to get open, but for these young guys it’s making sure they know what they’re doing, understanding the concepts, the schemes, what their route is, what the whole route is. Sometimes your route… You’re trying to get someone else open by doing the right thing and as we get more into training camp and put more of the offense in all of a sudden some things start to bleed together, so they really have to concentrate and study hard, understanding their assignments and what their route is based on all of the coverages.

Q: Ahmad Bradshaw isn’t here anymore. Are you looking forward to seeing what David Wilson and Andre Brown can do?
A: Definitely. Andre has been here a number of years and knows the system well and has played well for us last year before he got injured. David is a different style of back than we’ve ever really had here at the Giants over the years and a lot of speed and explosiveness. We have to see what’s the best way to use him and he might have some different runs that help him use his talents to the best of his ability. It will be interesting to see how things change up a little bit. Both of them are different style runners and we’ll kind of understand that and put them in to do the things that they’re best at.

Q: How can you help the running backs? Will you spend extra time with them on making sure they understand the pass protections?
A: Yeah. Definitely. We’ll work a lot on pass protection and also their routes out of the backfield just understanding the ins and outs of it. A lot of that is during practice. Right now, a lot of is our base passing game and so you’re talking to receivers. You’ll have a lot of time in the film room to watch the receivers, but on the field as other groups are going, trying to get with those young running backs and just talk to them about the ins and outs of that passing game. When there are blitzes, they got to get it on to their routes and sometimes they have to uncover the receivers by doing their right assignments and doing it the correct way. Everybody has to work together in doing the right things for us to have success.

Q: Jerry Reese talked about putting up that countdown clock in the locker room. Does that put more pressure on you guys?
A: A goal at the end of the year is to always play in a Super Bowl and to win a Super Bowl and its good to have those long term goals that you want to have. You have to make the short term goals as well and we have to each day get better at something and each practice be focused on doing our jobs well and doing it at a high level and so it’s kind of good to have it there as a reminder, but we have to also worry about this next practice and these preseason games and handle our business and doing everything well to make sure we are getting into the playoffs and hopefully be able to make a run.

Q: Is the clock up there yet?
A: I have not seen it.

Source: New York Giants Media