Fantasy Football Loser Forced to Take SAT

Over 30 million Americans played fantasy sports last year and 77% of them participated in a football league. The one problem that many leagues face is the need for incentives. Near the end of each season, players try to come up with something for the winner and something for the loser.

According to the Wall Street Journal, One league has taken it to the next level. A Ph. D student at Ohio State is in a league that will reward the winner with a modest trophy that they will keep for one year. The loser has to take the SAT.

In fantasy football, the team owner has control of the roster of NFL players who score points based on their actual performance in real life. The teams with the most points match up in the playoffs toward the end of the real NFL season. Those with the fewest points may be seen studying for a test they were forced to take in high school.

This particular student is in a league with attorneys and engineers, who feel that taking the test is a cruel punishment. Cruel or not, non-high-schoolers are actually permitted to take the SAT as an adult.

Last year, the loser of the league scored in the 1,500s. He promised to share his study guide with this year’s newest loser.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal