Drew Brees On The New Orleans Pelicans

What do you think of the nickname Pelicans?

“Is it official? It was funny. I was hearing all the names and I thought I’d throw it out on twitter and see what the fans thought. I haven’t had a chance to check it, but what is the consensus? In just about every case, the name is indicative of the city or the culture of the region. You look across all of professional sports and you see where at times names have gone along with the team and remained. It’s no big deal. Now they’re kind of stuck. In other cases, they’ve changed the name. look at the LA Lakers for Minneapolis. They are in the land of 10,000 lakes (because of their origination in Minneapolis), but in your mind you couldn’t imagine the Lakers being called anything different, where for a generation that’s what we’ve known them at the “Lake Show”. But LA’s not the land of 10,000 lakes. But then you have the Houston Oilers. I grew up watching the Houston Oilers as a Texas kid. The Houston Oilers go to Nashville and become the Tennessee Titans. I guess they were the Tennessee Oilers for one or two years and then it became the Tennessee Titans. Obviously oil, Oilers, very representative of the state of Texas. Then you go to Tennessee and it’s not the same. There are plenty of examples. I guess one is the New Orleans Jazz and it goes to Utah and became the Utah Jazz. That’s not indicative of Salt Lake City or Utah. Yet, they have success there as a team and you have Hall of Fame players in John Stockton and Karl Malone here from the state of Louisiana, Louisiana Tech. They’ve made a name for themselves. That organization has established themselves with that name. Obviously we brought the Hornets over from here (Charlotte). Sometimes teams take the name, sometimes they don’t and I think the fan base certainly loves it if they have a say in it or if it represents the city or region. Pelican is the state bird, brown pelican”

Source: New Orleans Saints Media