Why You Should Draft A Tight End Early In Your Draft


Tight ends are very thin this season in fantasy football and it is important you draft an elite one early in your leagues draft.

It is quite surprising to observe one of the strongest positions in fantasy football is now the weakest in 2014.

Rob Gronkowski

The tight end position  was once considered the deepest and best position as recent as two years ago where we had Rob Gronkwoski, Aaron Hernandez, Jermichael Finely, Jason Witten,Vernon Davis, Jimmy Graham, and Tony Gonzalez.  However, now we are left with a lot  uncertainties at the tight end position.

If we take a look at the rankings of the tights ends this season, the top ten are as followed:

  1. Jimmy Graham New Orleans Saints
  2. Julius Thomas Denver Broncos
  3. Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots
  4. Jordan Reed Washington Redskins
  5. Jordan Cameron Cleveland Browns
  6. Vernon Davis San Francisco 49ers
  7. Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys
  8. Greg Olsen Carolina Panthers
  9. Zach Ertz Philadelphia Eagles
  10. Kyle Rudolph Minnesota Vikings


Outside of Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, and Rob Gronkowski, I am not entirely confident I can trust any of the other tight ends on this list because of the likely inconsistent production they will bring with them.

The one word which beams at me when I dissect the remaining tight ends is potential.  The remaining of the tight ends here have the potential to be a decent option to make an impact for your fantasy football team, yet I can not fully convince myself this statement is accurate.


If you cannot select Graham, Thomas, or Gronkowski early in your draft, it would in your best interest to focus on other positions while waiting on grabbing a tight end later on.

We are facing too many questions in regards to the middle tier tight ends to invest our trust in them early on in the draft.

Will the presence of DeSean Jackson reduce how many targets Jordan Reed will see?

Will the looming suspension to Josh Gordon force defenses to double-cover Jordan Cameron?

How will Vernon Davis’s contract dispute impact him throughout the regular season?

Will Greg Olsen be forced to help out the Panthers  by blocking for Cam Newton because of  the holes they have on their offensive line?

Will Kyle Rudolph’s “break-out” season be deemed unlikely because of the carousel of quarterbacks in Minnesota?

These questions are only the few the tight end position is facing this season and it is what makes this position so bleak in 2014.

I have been reading where several fantasy football experts believe there are a lot of bargains when it comes to the tight end position especially in the later rounds.  I find this claim to be false and outrageous.

Here is a look the remaining tight ends who finish out the top 20 of this season:

11. Charles Clay Miami Dolphins

12. Ladarius Green San Diego Chargers

13. Martelleus Bennett Chicago Bears

14. Garrett Graham Houston Texans

15. Delanie Walker Tennessee Titans

16. Eric Ebron Detroit Lions

17. Jared Cook St. Louis Rams

18. Dwayne Allen Indianapolis Colts

19. Dennis Pitta Baltimore Ravens

20. Tyler Eifert Cincinnati Bengals

If you are seriously thinking about taking a flier on any of these bottom tight ends, you are going to have a serious problem throughout the duration of the season as none of these players are true guarantees.  They will more than likely be continuously dropped in most leagues due to the fact they will not be able to give any fantasy team constant production.

With all this being said, more than any year, it is imperative for you to select a tight end early as possible in your draft.

If you have to reach, reach as far as you can to snag the top tight ends such Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, and Rob Gronkowski.

When you reach for a player during your draft, it usually means you are making a sacrifice for the other roster spots on your team. With every position other than the tight ends being deep in 2014,  this claim gives you the luxury which allows you to easily make this decision.

While everyone else is laughing at you why you drafted Jimmy Graham in the first round, they will be the individual’s  who will be having the last laugh when they have to decide whether they should start Jace Amaro or Levine Toilolo as their tight end throughout the fantasy football season.