Brandon Meriweather: You’ve Got To Tear Their ACL’s

Brandon Meriweather says you’ve got to end careers, tear their ACL’s

Source: Bryan Rose, Fansided

Meriweather _2013Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather sat out the Redskins’ loss on Sunday afternoon, this after he was suspended by the NFL for two games earlier this week. That suspension was downgraded to a single game, though, I’m sure the league will be less than thrilled with Meriweather’s most recent comments.

Redskins insider and ESPN Radio 980 host Chris Russell has Meriweather’s alarming comments below:

Brandon Meriweather: “If anybody go look at the tape, I didn’t use my head in any of the hits. I’m moving on from it.” #Redskins

Brandon Meriweather: “To be honest, you’ve just got to go low now..You gotta end people’s career. U gotta tear people’s ACL’s.”

Brandon Meriweather: “You gotta tear peoples ACL’s . Mess up people’s knees. You can’t him them high anymore. You’ve just got to go low.”

Meriweather: “I’m hitting defenseless running backs. I’ve never heard of a defenseless running back.” (Green Bay, not Chicago)