Bears Trestman On The Future Of The Team

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman spoke to the media Thursday night after the final preseason game of the season. Trestman went into detail about the future of the Bears and the upcoming roster decisions.

“I guess I can start by giving you an overview of the game. I was really pleased with the effort with the effort of our football team in all three phases tonight. I asked the guys to go out there, and we have players out there who are going to be active members of our team next week, and they went out and gave it up for the cause tonight. And we have guys who are actively competing to make this team that played tonight as well, obviously, and they laid it on the line as well. Then we have guys who won’t be with us, but gave themselves another opportunity to play in the NFL because they played very hard, and they played well throughout. I’m excited about what I saw out there tonight with the group that played. I think that all of us feel a part of what we did tonight. You never want to lose a game anytime, but I think we got a lot of out of the game from that standpoint. I’m pleased with the play of both quarterbacks. I think Jordan (Palmer) and Trent (Edwards) played sufficiently to help us win and did a lot of good things. Jordan moved the team. We had a couple of penalties that slowed us up, and inhibited us from finishing drives, but overall, I thought he played very well. I credit Matt Cavanaugh, he spent a lot of time with them last week to get them ready and I thought the results were very good tonight. The team stepped up and did some good things when Jordan was in the game. It was good to have the kick at the end of the game. Robbie hit it really well, just missed it. But overall, we will put the preseason behind us now and everybody’s got to get their attention on next week, and that will start soon.”

On Whether Anyone Stood Out Tonight
“I don’t think anyone played themselves out of the roster tonight. There’s going to be 2 or 3 very difficult decisions tomorrow based on the play of some guys today. I don’t want to be specific right now. We’re just gonna wait it out, and early morning we will make some final decisions after a good night’s sleep. I think the guys who are in a position to win a job on this football team have made it very difficult going into tomorrow.”

On the Play of J’Marcus Webb
“To evaluate J’Marcus from the sideline wouldn’t be fair to him. We’ll get in and look at the tape very early tomorrow morning, and make some decisions, not only with J’Marcus but with the entire 53 man squad.”

On His Decision to Sit the Rookies (Long, Mills, Bostic)
“That’s a fair question. It’s sort of a rite of passage for rookies to play in the 4th preseason game. If D.J. Williams was healthy and had been playing, we probably would have played Jonathan Bostic. Without a middle linebacker right now to replace Jonathan, we felt we had to keep him out – that was number one. On the other side of it, we just feel that Kyle Long and Jordan Mills have really played well and practiced well, and going into next week, unless things change, it looks like they will be there at the Guard and Tackle position. We’ll make some final decisions on Monday, but it looks like they have the first shot.”

On Whether Marquess Wilson Has a Roster Spot
“That will be discussed tomorrow. The Earl Bennett situation right now is significant. Marquess is next in line, so we’ll see where that is. That’s part of the reason we kept him out from playing Wide Receiver tonight.”

On Having Solid Quarterback Options
“Regardless of which way we go and the way we move this roster around, [the Quarterbacks] really answered the question. We saw a couple of guys who could come in during the season and sufficiently play a backup role for us. I think that was evident tonight.”

On the Play of Fendi Onobun
“What you see when he does well is what we’ve seen in practice, and what you’ve watched during training camp, and during the practices that you’ve been able to see. As I’ve said many times while standing up here, there’s a light there. When that light switch goes on, he’s got a chance to be a very good player. We have tough decisions to make, and certainly Fendi is going to be in the mix when we make these decisions because of what he showed tonight again, and what he’s shown in practice. I just can’t say how this thing is gonna work out. We’re trying to find the best 53 players. There’s a lot of different ways we can work the numbers, and Fendi will be part of that decision.”

On How They Will Balance Decisions on Player Evaluations
“It’s a tough question, it really is. Again, part of the balancing act is considering the other 52 players involved. There’s really no formula for making those decisions – it’s more of a formula of putting the best 53 together. We’ll be at it bright and early tomorrow.”

On the Decision-Making Process for the Final Roster
“Phil and I will sit down early in the morning, based on the information we gathered from the tape and from the other coaches. It will be a collective process to make those decisions that work out to be the final 53.”

On the Recipe for Numbers in the Final Roster
“We don’t have a set recipe. We have the formulas for different numbers at different positions to make up the 53. Will there be X amount of Linebackers and X amount of Tight Ends? How will we handle the Safety/Corner position, will we have 5 and 5? 6 and 4? Will there be 7? Those are all the things that go into it. It’s really about getting the best 53.”

On the Injury Situation
“Other than Cory Brandon who had an ankle and is in X-ray, I think that’s it. That’s the only thing I’ve heard at this point.”

On Whether He Has Questions About the Team
“Well, there’s going to be questions. I said this last week, I think we see signs of the team we can become. We’ve seen that in training camp, and we saw that last week a little bit. The preseason is tough. It’s tough to be conclusive about what you’re going to be. But I think we have an idea of what we can be. It will all start next Sunday. We’re going to find out a lot about ourselves in the next 16 weeks.”

On Whether the Starters Were Engaged in the Game
“I thought they were very engaged. It’s tough to maintain your focus for three and a half hours over the course of a game. It started out strong, and it picked up. The guys took the time to sit down. It was all about football. I thought it was business-like throughout. It’s very difficult to keep your attention for that long, and to sponsor and to be a cheerleader on the sideline. But I thought the guys were really good with the players. When they came off to the side, they talked to them. I know the guys that didn’t play, they still knew what the plays were and they were taking reps just like they were in practice. They were watching the game and watching what the players at their position were doing. I thought it was a very supportive sideline tonight.”

On How Much of the Offense Still Needs to be Installed
“The offense is in. There will be variations as we move through the season, but the offense is in. As I said last week standing up in Oakland, those things universally change throughout the league. As the season moves on, you find different things that you do well, and you work in those areas to try and find new ways to do the same things because you know you do them well. That’s how we will approach it. But I think we have a very good foundation on the offensive side of the ball. We have a lot of different ways we can go with personnel groupings, and the things that Jay (Cutler)` can do and the talent around him can do as well. It will all start upfront at the line of scrimmage, and not only developing the kind of running game to utilize Matt and the Running Backs, but also to protect Jay and allow Jay to do what we think he can do. That is, to throw the football, throw it accurately, and get it to the right guys in the right place.”

On the Play of Joe Anderson
“Joe Anderson was the same Joe Anderson we saw all during training camp. Playing hard, playing fast, and being very efficient and catching the football. He showed it again tonight, he made plays. He made some awkward catches. Everything we saw during practice he has proven he can do under the lights – no doubt about it. He’s right there in the mix. There will be some tough decisions in these 53, but I think regardless of what happens there, he has shown that he can certainly play in this league.”

Source: Chicago Bears Media