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NFL: Two Teams Could Move To L.A.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been talking a lot lately about the NFL returning to Los Angeles.

He talked a little more about it on Wednesday, with NFL Network.

?I think with basis, I feel more imminent about a team being in here, that is it more imminent, than any time since we haven?t had a team in Los Angeles,? Jones told Rich Eisen and Michael Irvin. ?This market is a huge market. It is a little bit of a black eye for all of us to have had this many years and not had an NFL team in Los Angeles. The owners don?t mess much up; I am saying that with a smile. But we haven?t gotten this one right. There are people, there are locations, there are people that are interested ? viable people ? that could help us put this thing together.

?As it turns out, we do have two teams . . . that could move to this area. There won?t be any expansion, so it will be teams that move.?

Source: Mike Florio, NBC Sports Pro Football Talk


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