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NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

What we learned from week two in the NFL:

The Denver Broncos are really good on offense.
Robert Griffin III lost the game but the rust is off.
The Philadelphia Eagles can’t play defense.
Tom Brady did his best Jay Cutler impersonation against the Jets.
The Bears have an offensive line, finally.
Doug Martin needs the rest of the Bucs to play offense.
The Jags are worst than the Raiders.

110Denver Broncos2121
242Seattle Seahawks2191
374Chicago Bears2622
4128Miami Dolphins2155
550New England Patriots2267
6104Kansas City Chiefs2162
7147Houston Texans2523
83-5New Orleans Saints2236
92718Cincinnati Bengals1188
10111Green Bay Packers1224
112-9San Francisco 49ers12427
12131Detroit Lions1720
139-4Dallas Cowboys11018
142511Oakland Raiders1253
15172Atlanta Falcons11317
16193Arizona Cardinals11219
178-9Philadelphia Eagles1328
18202Buffalo Bills11715
1918-1New York Jets1294
20244San Diego Chargers1429
21298Baltimore Ravens12126
226-16Indianapolis Colts12014
2316-7Tennessee Titans12213
2415-9St. Louis Rams11125
2521-4Tampa Bay Buccaneers0279
2622-4Carolina Panthers02811
27303Minnesota Vikings0930
2826-2New York Giants0832
2923-6Pittsburgh Steelers03010
30311Cleveland Browns03112
3128-3Washington Redskins01431
32320Jacksonville Jaguars03216