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NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

What did we learn from a crazy week one in the NFL?

Peyton Manning is trying to become the greatest quarterback of all-time.
The Jacksonville Jaguars are still horrible.
Colin Kaepernick wants to be an elite QB.
The Philadelphia Eagles will be fun to watch.
Robert Griffin III is very rusty and not 100%.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers like to shoot themselves in the feet.
Rex Ryan still does not know how to be humble.
The return of their head coach is huge for the New Orleans Saints.
And the Cleveland Browns are still the Cleveland Browns.

1Denver Broncos112119
2San Francisco 49ers132424
3New Orleans Saints117822
4Seattle Seahawks128227
5New England Patriots1191228
6Indianapolis Colts121725
7Chicago Bears1161124
8Philadelphia Eagles152224
9Dallas Cowboys122625
10Kansas City Chiefs1816
11Green Bay Packers0103040
12Miami Dolphins118419
13Detroit Lions141819
14Houston Texans162528
15St. Louis Rams1111725
16Tennessee Titans127327
17Atlanta Falcons0261440
18New York Jets123929
19Arizona Cardinals0142034
20Buffalo Bills0201535
21Tampa Bay Buccaneers0251035
22Carolina Panthers031536
23Pittsburgh Steelers030636
24San Diego Chargers092736
25Oakland Raiders0241337
26New York Giants073138
27Cincinnati Bengals0221941
28Washington Redskins0132841
29Baltimore Ravens0123244
30Minnesota Vikings0152944
31Cleveland Browns0291645
32Jacksonville Jaguars0322355