The Magic snap 12 game losing streak

The Orlando Magic snapped their 12 game losing streak Sunday night after beating Portland 110-104.

The Magic had a rough start but quickly picked up speed and got in rhythm towards the end of the first quarter.

Throughout the game Orlando set good screens, ran in transition, and went to the board aggressively. The team totaled 34 assists shot over 50 percent from the field.

Not only did that Magic play well on both sides of the court, they also limited their mistakes. The Magic limited their turnovers to 10 and capitalized on the Blazers 14 turnovers.

Orlando top scorer, Arron Afflalo contributed 14 points and three assists. While rookie Andrew Nicholson had 14 points and one assist.


Inside the Magic’s locker room:

Jacque Vaughn: [youtube_sc url=””]

Arron Afflalo:[youtube_sc url=””]