Orlando Magic Draft Preview on ELOOnline

On this edition of ELOOnline , Eric Lopez talks to  Orlando Magic Panel about what should the Magic do at the NBA Draft?

Why you should listen :  Eric Lopez and SportstalkFlorida.com’s Magic Insider  Mary Stevens talks to Phillip Rossman-Reich  of OrlandoMagicDaily.com and Adam Papageorgiou of MagicBasketballOnline.com about what the Orlando Magic will do with the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft? Will they keep the pick or trade the pick?  Who should they take?  Should they take Noel if the option is there?  We discuss in depth and more.

Eric Lopez  is the producer of The David Baumann Show comes to you live  Monday through Friday 6am-9am from the Sports Talk 1080 Studios in Orlando

ELOOnline  : June 23, 2013

You can also listen to the Orlando Magic season review podcast I did with Mary, Phillip, and Adam that   we did back on  April 28, 2013  on what the Magic roster would look like and what Magic should to improve the team including the draft