Oladipo Must Avoid Sophomore Slump

It is well known that NBA players can and most times do hit a sophomore slump. With only a hand full of games left rookie Victor Oladipo needs to approach them and his off-season as if he has something to prove.

While his work ethic and character is never in question when it comes to Oladipo, a young guy his age needs to be pushed and challenged physically and mentally.

Oladipo has shown flashes of the star he can be but too many times it’s overshadowed by late turnovers and glimpses of youth in tight situations.

Averaging 14 points, 4.2 assists and 4.2 rebounds per game is nothing to sneeze at but will likely land him second or third in rookie of the year voting behind Philadelphia’s Michael Carter-Williams and Utah’s Trey Burke.

The Magic will have a shot at adding another young stud in this Junes draft but they must remember the growth of the young stars they have is just as important.