Insider: Nik Vucevic vs. Dwight Howard

It was hard for Vucevic to have a huge impact defensively with the Hack-a-Howard strategy in place. Going into this game Dwight Howard was healthier than he was in December. Vucevic said he looked more mobile and athletic.

Vucevic finished with 11 rebounds, six points and one blocked shot. Howard finished with 39 points after making 25-of-39 free throws and 16 rebounds. The intentional foul strategy worked for the Magic back in December when Howard made 9-of-21 free throws. Howard currently holds a 47.8 percentage from free throw line.

Magic center Nik Vucevic tweaked his ankle in the middle of the second quarter. He went to the locker room for a few minutes and then came back and played the rest of the game. After the game he confirmed that is wasn’t anything major and he did not need x-rays.


Nik Vucevic

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