Insider: Dwight Howard & The Warriors

Just when you thought the Dwight Howard rumors had died down…

According Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Warriors are in pursuit of Magic center Dwight Howard:

The Warriors think they can sell Howard on the endorsement possibilities of a global NBA star in Silicon Valley. From tech companies to social media, Golden State thinks Howard would find an untapped market, as well as a nod from Adidas, who is preparing a new deal for him. And the bottom line is this: Should Golden State make a deal for Howard, he would have to take $30 million less over the length of a contract extension to leave this summer.

Far from frontrunners, Golden State’s best chance of acquiring Howard could come with a failure of the Magic and Los Angeles Lakers to agree on a deal centered on Andrew Bynum. Howard has told Orlando management that he would sign extensions with three teams – the Dallas Mavericks, Lakers and New Jersey Nets – but the Nets and Mavericks aren’t in strong position to make deals for Howard.

As Wojnarowski says, this trade doesn’t appear to be as good as some of the other potential deals – Andrew Bynum is still the player with the most upside the Magic can realistically acquire.

It’s nice the Warriors would part with one of their two high-scoring guards – Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry – but, that’s not something you can build around. Just look how trying to assemble a team around two volume-shooting guards has worked out for the Warriors. They haven’t made the postseason since starting this project.

Plus, I’m not sure I see Howard being sold on the fact that he can not only become a global superstar, but also win a title in Golden State like he could in Los Angeles, Dallas or even Brooklyn.