Insider: Dwight Howard Report Refuted

On Monday, a report surfaced that Magic Center Dwight Howard told Magic Owner Rich DeVos he would never play for Van Gundy again after Van Gundy confirmed to the media Howard has asked the Magic to fire their head coach. On Thursday, it came out that Howard supposedly called DeVos during Orlando’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks Friday to inform him of the news.

Early Thursday afternoon, Real GM’s Jarrod Rudolph, who is very close with Howard, tried to clear things up via twitter:

Christian Bruey, who also had the Howard/ETO story doesn’t buy the report either:

Anyone accusing Howard of quitting on his team must not have seen his performance in Philadelphia against the 76ers on April 7. Howard, playing in obvious pain, had 20 points and 22 rebounds in 44 minutes while leading the Magic to victory. Remember, that game was two days after Van Gundy spoke to the media about Howard requesting his firing.

It’s easy to see why Howard has been vilified – he has made a mess of this situation, he’s handled it about as poorly as possible and certainly wronged his coach, but to call him a quitter seems just isn’t an accurate statement.

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