Andrew Wiggins Would Fit Right In With Magic

With only 16-games left in the regular season and it clear the Orlando Magic are out of the playoff race, the focus needs to become about the NBA draft in June.

With the possibility of Duke’s Jabari Parker, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart, Kentucky forward Julius Randle and Wiggins teammate Joel Embiid all eligible to make the jump to the next level the Magic will have some serious decisions to make.

Lets say Orlando ends up with the number one pick, which player makes the most sense for the franchise moving forward?

Last year the Magic front office was high on Smart before the draft but this season along with his temperament I’m hearing the team is “backing off” a little.

Not to mention he is a guard with limited ball-handling skills.

I like both Randle and Parker but after watching game film these two guys seem the most NBA ready and could make an impact right away, where I feel Orlando needs a guy who has the highest room to improve with potetial superstar status down the road.

Embiid can play both ends of the floor but with Nikola Vucevic only getting better while averaging 14.3 points and 11.1 rebounds per game this season, Orlando can roll with him as the center of the future.

This is where Wiggins falls right into place. Having young guns like Victor Oladipo, Tobias Harris and Vucevic adding a talent like Wiggins could give the franchise the extra spark it needs.

Just imagine: PG- OLadipo SG- Afflalo SF- Wiggins F- Harris C- Vucevic

That is a team that Magic fans will love to watch with the understanding it will take time for it all to come together.

There is no mistaking Wiggins for LeBron James but where is the shame in that? Lets not try and diminish a guys talent by comparing him to one of the greatest to play. An entire NBA era was undervalued with the “next Michael Jordan” label.

The great thing about the NBA is your luck can change in one off-season.