Orlando Magic: Rob Hennigan, A Brilliant Mind

Orlando, Fla.- Genius, intelligent, expert or even prodigy sums up the Orlando Magic General Manager Rob Hennigan.

Mr. Hennigan will probably tell you otherwise, adding modest to that list describing the NBA’s youngest General Manager. The 30 year old has made moves for the Magic that could put them in great position to be a competitive for years to come.

Hennigan, former Oklahoma City Thunder assistant General Manager inherited a Dwight Howard who wanted out, a Magic fan base that was about to watch yet another superstar bolt on them and an uncertain future.

Rob not only handled the Howard situation with extreme poise, his move proved to be best of the teams that were involved in the blockbuster trade. The Philadelphia 76ers who acquired Lakers center Andrew Bynum got nothing out of him and he’s now a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers most recently lost Dwight to the Houston Rockets (while getting nothing in return) and the Denver Nuggets watched Andre Iguodala walk to the Golden State Warriors in free agency.

Hennigan’s patience is something refreshing in an NBA where everything needs to be done in one off-season or jaw dropping trade. His ability to eye young talent is top notch and brings a dynamic to a franchise that is in need of positivity.

With the number two overall pick in this past NBA draft, the Magic selected Victor Oladipo out of the University of Indiana. The addition of Oladipo to a roster with Tobias Harris, Maurice Harkless and Nikola Vucevic is a great start towards a new beginning.

While the NBA is built on superstars, veterans and household names Rob Hennigan’s approach to building through the draft and utilizing serenity will prove you can build a winner over time.