Why The Chicago Bulls Deserve A Lot Of Credit

Chicago BullsIt is never easy to maintain focus, let alone win and be successful when a star player like Derrick Rose becomes injured and has to miss a season. But the Chicago Bulls have done just that, earning great respect from the basketball community.

No team in the NBA has done more with less since the spring of 2012 when Derrick Rose collapsed to the court.

No coach has squeezed more from a lineup than Tom Thibodeau, one of the best two or three in the game, who has treated the Bulls like a thumb does a flat tube of toothpaste.

No team with an inability to score — the Bulls are dead last in points and couldn’t get 100 if you spotted them 50 — has managed to win more games than they lose quite like the Bulls from 2012 to the present.

The Bulls currently hold a 31-26 record, are 8-2 in their last 10 games and only have a point differential of 0.6, so if you are a Chicago Bulls fan, you should be very proud and impressed by their performance.

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