Why Putting NIcknames On Jerseys Is A Bad Idea

Recently the NBA and its commissioner David Stern has thrown the idea around to put players nicknames on the back of their jerseys.

The NBA has a great impact on the culture of young players, more than any other sport.

From Michael Jordan’s baggy shorts in the late 80’s to Allen Iverson’s braids in the early 2000’s.

Even though it does sound like a revolutionary idea and would be good for financial gain, it’s terrible for the game.

Basketball is a sport where one dominate player can carry a franchise and or change its fortune. However, does the NBA really want to promote an idea that is more about the “I” than team?

While it would be pretty cool to see “King James” or “Black Mamba” on the back of a jersey, it screams “LOOK AT ME.”

It’s not something you want young players adapting to. The fact AAU travel ball and the new coaching era (not all) has lost the concept of team work and teaching fundamentals. It’s more about the dunk, crossover and what looks “cool.”

If Stern allows this to happen then you have to take into account what nicknames are ok and which ones aren’t. Is the NBA going to allow Andrei Kirilenko of the Brooklyn Nets to wear “AK47” on the back of his jersey? No.

I’m begging David Stern, please don’t do anything else that takes away from the team concept. I know your about to retire and want to leave a lasting impression, but don’t make it this.