Tuck: Zero Chance A College Team Beats A Pro Team

“Look, it’s absurd,” Stan Van Gundy said before the Magic faced the Knicks. “I mean, people will say, ‘Oh, Kentucky, you know’s, got four NBA players.’ Yeah, well, the other team’s got 13.”

I don’t have a lot to say on this except for I agree wholeheartedly.  We’ve had the discussion on the radio before about the best college football team beating the worst NFL team or the best college basketball team defeating the worst NBA team.  It’s not happening.

NBA teams are like the best college all-star teams if they matured, played, and practiced together for another half-dozen years.  The Charlotte Bobcats would beat Kentucky by 20-30 points.  Repeatedly.  Same thing goes for every NBA team.

It’s not a knock on the Wildcats, which by the way, haven’t won the title yet, and did lose twice during the season.  Unless anyone thinks that Indiana and Vanderbilt could beat the Wizards too?

These cross match-ups of amateur and pro are sometimes fun to discuss, but are also laughable.  1. They are never happening.  2. It would be a blowout if it ever did.

And while we are on the topic of crazy match-ups, no, the Baylor women or pick whatever women’s basketball team you want aren’t beating a men’s team.  Baylor’s women may not score 10 points against Kentucky and would get blasted by the worst I-A team in the country.  The best high school teams in the country would beat the Baylor ladies by double digits.  Decent high school boys teams would beat them.

Again, not a knock on any of the Baylor athletes or any woman basketball player, but it just isn’t fair.  The physical mismatch present in a pro vs. amateur face-off would be small potatoes compared to a man vs. woman match-up on this type of athletic stage.

I guess it’s human nature to wonder and want to see these things.  Some cross-matches are interesting.  Golf, tennis, softball, etc.  Men and women can be equals on some playing fields.  Heck, humans have pitted different types of animals against each other and even ourselves against animals in contests and battles.  It’s what we do.

I think putting a college team against a pro team in basketball would be like a head-2-head match-up of a lion and a chihuahua.