Tuck: Who I Want To Win The NBA Draft Lottery

I am a Lakers fan, born and raised. Obviously I want them to win the Draft Lottery.

But this isn’t about that.  This is about the basketball fan in me.  And the basketball fan in me is looking for good stories.  So with that in mind, this is how I’d rank the lottery teams on who I want to win the lottery and why.


1. Minnesota- I hate the idea of Kevin Love leaving the T’Wolves.  I prefer stars staying put if at all possible.  This might be what keeps him. The Timberwolves have tried hard to build up something around Love with Rubio, Pekovic, and Martin.  Throw in Wiggins and suddenly they might become become very dangerous.

2. New Orleans- Anthony Davis is a star.  I’d like to see him get a running mate.  This injury-riddled team can get good in a hurry with one more player and small forward is a major need area.

3. Phoenix- The Suns were overachievers this past year and I’d love to see their hard work get rewarded. Any of the top picks would be of great value to them.

4. Philadelphia- Seems odd, but I like what the Sixers did in the last two years.  It was well-thought out and executed, and if the Pelicans don’t move up they get the bonus of an extra lottery pick.  They basically would be adding 3 lottery picks (with Nerlens Noel) to the rookie of the year MCW and have cap room to boot.

5. Los Angeles- As a basketball fan, I want Kobe to have another shot at a title. Winning the lottery would be a big help.

6. Detroit- Pistons have some interesting pieces and adding another could get them in the playoffs and maybe to the top of the East in a hurry.

7. Orlando- Personally, I’d love to list the Magic higher because it’s no fun covering a bad basketball team.  As a fan, they kind of fall in the middle. Their plan has so many contingency options right now it’s hard to understand what their immediate future is, but winning the lottery would give them even more options.

8. Utah- The Jazz landing Jabari Parker somehow, someway would just be perfect.

9. Denver- The Nuggets have been okay, but just treading water out West since trading Carmelo Anthony. They have good players, just need a great one.

10. Milwaukee- I don’t want the miserably run Bucks to win the lottery, but I’d also like that fan base to have somebody to get excited about.

11. Sacramento- I get the feeling that even the awful Kings would be a playoff team in the East, so throwing them a bone to make the relevant again out West.  Boogie, Zeke Jr, McLemore, and any of top pick options would be threatening.

12. Boston- Just can’t get behind this. 

13. Cleveland- The Cavs have had their chances and still stink.