Tuck: Upside/Downside Comparisons For 2014 NBA Draft

These are my top 20 prospects.  While I don’t get in depth over the strengths and weaknesses of each guy, you can get a pretty good idea of my thoughts based on the range of players I give you for the upside and downside. I tried to stick with current players, but for some other former players just stood out too much or there wasn’t really a contemporary player that made sense to me. For all players, you should consider the comparisons to the peak level of the guys mentioned.

There are some foreign players I am just not familiar with and so they get left off and there are other players I like that aren’t included on this list.  These are my opinions as both a huge college basketball fan and NBA fan.

1. C Joel Embiid, Kansas

Upside: David Robinson

Downside: (A taller) Serge Ibaka

2. SF Jabari Parker, Duke

Upside: Carmelo Anthony

Downside: Cliff Robinson

3. SF Andrew Wiggins, Kansas

Upside: Scottie Pippen

Downside: Nic Batum

4. G Dante Exum, Australia

Upside: Manu Ginobli

Downside: Shawn Livingston (before the knee injuries)

5. PF Noah Vonleh, Indiana

Upside: LaMarcus Aldridge

Downside: Jason Thompson

6. PF Julius Randle, Kentucky

Upside: Zach Randolph

Downside: Michael Beasley

7. PG Tyler Ennis, Syracuse

Upside: Tony Parker

Downside: Sam Cassell

8. PF Aaron Gordon, Arizona

Upside: Shawn Marion

Downside: Kenyon Martin

9. G Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State

Upside: Tyreke Evans

Downside: Reggie Jackson

10. SF CleAnthony Early, Wichita State

Upside: Jeff Green

Downside: Matt Barnes

11. PF Mitch McGary, Michigan

Upside: Dennis Rodman (light)

Downside: Reggie Evans

12. PF Dario Saric, Croatia

Upside: Andrea Kirilenko

Downside: Boris Diaw

13. G Zach LaVine, UCLA

Upside: John Wall

Downside: Antonio Daniels

14. SF Doug McDermott, Creighton

Upside: Wally Szczerbiak

Downside: Wilson Chandler

15. SG/SF Rodney Hood, Duke

Upside: Joe Johnson

Downside: Mike Dunleavy

16. SF TJ Warren, NC State

Upside: Caron Butler

Downside: (A taller) Rodney Stuckey

17. PF Jarnell Stokes, Tennessee

Upside: Carlos Boozer

Downside: Carl Landry

18. SF KJ McDaniels, Clemson

Upside: Richard Jefferson

Downside: Jimmy Butler

19. G DeAndre Kane, Iowa State

Upside: Kyle Lowry

Downside: George Hill

20. PG Shabazz Muhamed, UConn

Upside: Jameer Nelson

Downside: Patty Mills