Tuck: Should Orlando Magic Trade For Joe Johnson?

When you are pushed into a corner, sometimes the only way out is to take a chance that doesn’t make much sense on paper.

I remember playing Monopoly, which by the way, I haven’t lost a game in almost two decades.  This one time always stands out though because I was playing with friends and they decided I wasn’t winning that day.  It was almost a gang mentality.  Nobody would trade me properties, and nobody was cutting me a break.  Things weren’t going well, and I was being forced to give up land and money.  I had Boardwalk and realized my only way out was to land on Park Place before it was too late and put all my money into hotels.  Obviously putting all your eggs into that expensive basket isn’t a great strategy, but I felt it was my only chance.  I managed to employ that strategy and got lady luck on my side.  I made it around the board a couple times barely avoiding others spots and saving my money while at the same time my expensive plot of land was paying off as 1, 2, 3, 4 times guys landed on Boardwalk or Park Place.  I cleaned up, and eventually rallied for the improbable win.

The point?  The Magic are not in a good spot.  They want Dwight Howard to stay, but don’t have many assets or ways to bring in talent to help Dwight, and the team win.  So they can either die the slow death letting it play out, winning games, but never being a real threat to win a title or they can simply trade him and start over.  That would be losing the game though.  If you want to win with Dwight, then swinging for the fences is the only option.

Joe Johnson– 4 years, $89 million

A deal of Hedo Turkoglu and either Jason Richarson or Chris Duhon would get it done.  The Hawks actually reached the crossroads and kept going, but something like this could help them start over and get them out from under the worst contract in the NBA.  Johnson would be an upgrade for the Magic, a perennial all-star, albeit not a great player to team with Dwight Howard.

Amar’e Stoudemire– 3 years, $65 million, and no insurance (on knees, or hand)

The Knicks clearly had some chemistry issues and need to decide if they want Carmelo Anthony at the 3 or 4.  He is a mismatch either way, and if they want to win a title, I think he has to play the 3.  Would they take Hedo?  Not sure.  But a deal of him and Glen Davis or Jason Richardson would work.  The Magic could also swing a deal giving up Ryan Anderson after resigning him, but they’d have to wait until mid-December to trade him because of league rules.

Carlos Boozer– 3 years, $47 million

When Bulls fans keep bringing up the amnesty clause concerning Boozer, you know he’s available.  Chicago would have no need for Turkoglu because of the presence of Luol Deng.  But would they dump Boozer for J-Rich and Baby?  Would the Magic?  If Orlando wants to play a different style without Ryan Anderson, this would be a quick way to do it, and you’d be trading 3 year deals for another 3 year deal.