Tuck: Random Thoughts

Golf celebrations are just the worst.  Very awkward and clumsy.  Perhaps less time on the driving range and more time working on high fives and hugs.

Tiger Woods didn’t get special treatment by the PGA Tour or the Masters when he was docked 2 strokes instead of DQ’d.  It’s in the rules.

This also: Golf has some stupid rules.

Mistakes happen.  Athletes make physical and mental errors and so do officials.  If nobody thought Tiger made a penalty on Friday then it shouldn’t be one on Saturday after TV reviews and fan phone calls.  That’s idiotic.

What?  No way!  Chip Kelly leaves Oregon for the NFL and less than 2 months later Ducks admit to NCAA violations?!?!  Didn’t see that coming.  Straight out of the Pete Carroll handbook.

Speaking of Carroll, loved the Antoine Winfield signing over the weekend.  Right now, looks like the two best teams in the NFL are in the NFC West.  Your move 49ers.

Can’t wait for the NFL Draft, even if it isn’t the most exciting incoming class.

Jackie Robinson day never stops being awesome.  The last #42 in MLB (Mo Rivera) ever will retire at season’s end.

Why would any college basketball player unsure of what he should do, declare for the NBA draft early?  Today is the deadline to return by the new college rules, but the NBA deadline to declare isn’t until April 28.  This is a case not everyone can be happy.  Players lose and college coaches win in the current scenario.

I keep seeing pictures of MLB stadiums that look like they are empty during games.  Don’t you have to reevaluate your ticket pricing if you are one of those teams?  What is better: 5 people paying $40 each or 100 paying $5 each?  Fill up your seats and make some money.

There is ZERO reason for the Lakers to amnesty Kobe Bryant.  Kobe is worth at least $100 million annually to that franchise because of his marketability.  They sell tickets for more money, charge higher commercial rates on TV and radio, and sell more merchandise because he is there.  He was on the short-list of athletes that’ll make your franchise more money than you’ll ever pay him.  All that before we even address things like loyalty to player, he’s a future hall of famer and one of the best players in league history, and he’ll be back playing, perhaps even at the start of next season.

I lost my favorite football player for a season to a torn achilles (Dan Marino) years ago and now I lose one of my favorite basketball players to the same injury.  Just still very sad and disappointing.

The silly season of the NBA stinks for the most part with so many players resting or shut down.  While it’s bad business to rest players, especially the great and popular players, it is a reality in every sport.  So crying about it isn’t going to make it go away.  And making the season shorter won’t either.

And lastly, thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by the bombings in Boston yesterday.  There is far too much senseless evil that goes on daily in this world, far beyond just what makes headlines nationally.