Tuck: Random NBA Records

Last night Stephen Curry went off against the Knicks hitting 11’s 3-pointers and scoring a career-high 54 points.  It’s one of those games that you know really quick how much you like basketball.  If you are a fan, you couldn’t take your eyes off of Curry’s majestic performance.

There are plays that make you stand up as a fan, and games that you never sit down for.  We remember some of those special nights.  Here is just a reminder of some random nights where it was fun to be a fan.

– Curry scored 23 points in the second quarter last night, but that is 10 points shy of the record held by two of the best to ever put it in the hole.  George Gervin, San Antonio Spurs (vs. New Orleans Jazz) on April 9, 1978 and Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets (vs. Minnesota Timberwolves) on December 10, 2008 each scored a record 33 points in a quarter.

– That was Curry’s first 50-point game.  Wilt Chamberlain had 118 of those.

– 54 is a lot to score and lose.  It’s not the most however.  Michael Jordan holds the record of most points scored in a loss with 64 in a 1993 loss to the Orlando Magic.

– Curry’s feathery touch accounted for 11 3-point baskets.  Neither Donyell Marshall or Kobe Bryant’s shots look as pretty, but they each rained in 12 3-pointers in a NBA game.  Curry should have shot more.  He made 11/13.  Kobe was 12/18 and Marshall was 12/19.

– 11/13 is good, but the record for most 3’s without a miss is 9 by Latrell Sprewell and Ben Gordon, twice.

– Curry hit 7 3-point shots in the second half.  That however, falls 1 shy of the record for a half.  7 players have done that, JR Smith, who was on the floor last night for the Knicks, has done it twice.

-Michael Redd made 8 in a half…actually, all 8 came in the same quarter!  That is the record for a quarter.

– Tyson Chandler hauled in 28 rebounds last night.  That is pretty impressive.  Wilt Chamberlain once pulled down 32…in a half.  That is the record for a half.  He also had 55 in one game, another record.

– LeBron James scored 11 points in the 2nd overtime in a 141-129 win over the Kings on Tuesday.  Did you know Gilbert Arenas owns the record for most points in an overtime period?  He once scored 16 against the Lakers.

– Kevin Durant recorded his 3rd career triple-double last night.  Oscar Robertson had 181.

– Rasheed Wallace may miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.  Even if he never plays again, his career mark of 304 technical fouls appears to be safe.

Ball don’t lie.