Tuck: Orlando Magic Should’ve Drafted Michael Carter-Williams

I like Victor Oladipo.  I do.  I think he can be an important role player with the team moving forward.  I don’t see him becoming a star however.

Part of the problem is that he is a man without a position.  He doesn’t have the size to be a dominant shooting guard.  The Magic are often times playing him as a point guard, with at best, mixed results.  Sure, there will be growing pains.  Totally understand that.  I just think of him like many really good players in the league that don’t fit a defined position.  Doesn’t mean they aren’t important or valuable, but those guys typically don’t make all-star teams.

Now, I didn’t think this before, but I’ve seen enough to think it now, PG Michael Carter-Williams of the Sixers has a chance to be a star.  He is a natural point guard.  I firmly believe passing instincts are something you are born with.  He’s got it.  He just so happens to be 6’6″.  Those were his obvious “pro’s” coming out.

Unfortunately I think myself and the other teams that let him fall were too concerned with the negatives.  He’s 22 now, and that makes him too old.  Sounds dumb, right?  He’s too skinny.  He weighs only 185.  I am pretty sure he’ll put on 20 pounds or more in the next few years.  And most concerning, he can’t shoot.  He was a bad college shooter (39% FG and 29% 3pt).  That is a huge weakness, but also one that we’ve seen great players overcome with hard work.  Heck, the kid is already a much better shooter now than he was last season.

So basically, he is a 6’6″ point guard less than 20 games into his career averaging 18-8-6.  MCW fell to the 11th pick and is making teams who passed on him look foolish.  Yeah, the Magic messed up I think.  I’ll take the guy with a no-brainer spot on the floor, and one of the most important spots on the floor over the guy I am trying to teach to play the toughest position on the court.

The good news is the Magic didn’t draft a bust.  Oladipo is good and going to get better.  Unfortunately though I think they passed on a better player.