Tuck: Nobody Happy With Slam Dunk Contest

If the Slam Dunk Contest and Home Run Derby were people, then they would likely be joining a support group together.  They are always talked about, but never appreciated and often slammed, ripped, criticized and told how they can be better.  Everyone wants them to go away, but nobody wants them to go away.  And the company they keep is never good enough for us.

As it is again.  The NBA announced that Houston’s Chase Buddinger, Minnesota’s Derrick Williams, Indiana’s Paul George, and New York’s Iman Shumpart will be the participants in this years slam dunk contest in Orlando on All-Star Saturday Night.

And the crowd goes mild.

The reaction online, on twitter, and everywhere is one of depressed man being dumped by his girlfriend, but the man knew the girlfriend was already cheating on him.  You could see it coming, and you almost enjoy complaining about it.

I wrote who I wanted to see in the dunk contest, and am happy Williams is going.  Of course he is the least well known of the group I suggested.

Every year we want more.  We want better dunks.  Better plays.  A new system.

Problem is you can only do so much.  Us, fans and media, have become malcontents never satisfied with what we’re given.  It’s a shame really because the Dunk Contest can only be what it is.

The players will show off their abilities and attempt to entertain us by doing things we can’t do.  Hopefully they’ll come up with some new things we haven’t seen before.  The Home Run Derby is even more simple.  Hit the ball over the fence as many times as you can.  And if you don’t do it often enough or hit it far enough you are a failure.  Same thing with the dunks.  Show us something different, or we are bored.  And if we don’t know you very well, we’re already bored before you start.

Some contests are better than others.  Some have performances we’ll remember forever.  The standards we set for these simple, fun contests have become unattainable.  I mean, seriously, for all those complaining about who is in it: Other than Blake Griffin defending his title, or LeBron James finally doing the contest, WHO ELSE DO YOU WANT TO SEE???

Please list in the comments.