Tuck: No Big Deal LeBron Not Unanimous MVP

So what if a voter voted for Carmelo Anthony?  He had good reasons.  He was wrong, but he’s allowed to be wrong.  Chris Paul led the Clippers to their first division title…EVER.  I wouldn’t have been mad if someone said that made him the MVP.  Or if someone just thought Kevin Durant had a better season.  It’s simply an opinion.  It’s a debate over what makes a Most Valuable Player.  Is it the best player or the most valuable player?  We still don’t have a clear-cut answer and never will.

Look, if Michael Jordan never won an unanimous MVP, or Magic, or Bird, or Russell, or Kareem, or Wilt, or Shaq, or Kobe, or…then it’s not a big deal LeBron James didn’t.  He won the award.  This one vote didn’t alter the results.

LeBron James still won the MVP.  He’s got 4 now.  What is the bigger surprise is to think about that Jordan only won 5?  Or that somehow the best two players of the 2000-decade, Kobe and Shaq, somehow only claimed ONE MVP each?  How that happened is the bigger crime.

Who cares if LeBron got 120 votes, 121 votes, or 50 votes?  Point is: he won.  And the guy who didn’t vote for him first didn’t mistreat his ballot.  He didn’t vote for Ray Felton.  He voted for Carmelo Anthony.  That’s alright.  He was a candidate.

The MVP doesn’t always win the title, but does it make him less of a MVP?  That is simply another debate.  Awards are for the players to keep, but for the media and fans to recognize.  They are placing value on that which is without specific value.  Enjoy the debates, and don’t take the results so literally.